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Lark Distilling Co Fathers Flight Gift Pack 3x100 - Pack Of 3

Lark Symphony Malt Whisky 100ml

Symphony No. 1 are the first combined source from the Lark House, representing the formation of whiskeys from one distinct Tasmanian source. Made with a symphony of matching casks, Head Distiller Chris Thomson skillfully weaved American oak bourbon with sherry balance and heavy depth of the harbor to create a melody of creamy and oily flavors; life-filled whiskey from beginning to end and carrying an independent signature Lark Whiskey - a Tasmanian icon.

  • Alcohol contains: 40.2%
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Standard drinks: 3.2


Lark Distillery PX Sherry 100ml

A carefully selected package of boxes of bourbon, sherry, or white oak from our Bothwell Distillery had been married together, before being completed in equal parts of the previous Seppeltsfield PX Sherry or our former Lark Brandy boxes. The result is a dark and creamy, one-of-a-kind whiskey that gives a deliciously tasty winter afternoon cake, topped with wild berries and a light citrus leaf.

  • Alcohol contains: 48%
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Standard drinks: 3.8


Lark Distillery Co Rum Cask III

The composition of our Quiet Cannon Rum leaves us with a wealth of delicious, ugly cakes - the perfect fabric for this one malt. We hand-picked ten pre-assembled boxes of Sherry at our Bothwell brewery and finished them in our old Quiet Cannon Rum barrels. The result is one wonderfully elevated and marketable source of notes of black toffee, nutty oak, and candied citrus, evoking the wild West's romantic sounds.

  • Alcohol contains: 55%
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Standard drinks: 4.3