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Boobialla Gin, 700ml

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Boobialla gin is the only gin in the world crafted exclusively from hand foraged, native Australian juniper. A complex array of floral tones combined with a long, luxurious finish, Boobialla offers a sui generis Australian gin experience.

Regular gin, even other Australian gins, are all made from imported Macedonian/European juniper berries. This species is juniper communis, common juniper. Boobialla gin is crafted exclusively from myoporum insulare, colloquially known as Australian native juniper. This is a completely different species, unique to Australia, which is all wild, growing along the coast. The flavour is juniper-like, more floral and less pine flavour than the imported juniper.

Is Boobialla even a gin if it contains no imported common juniper? It depends on the definition, we are definitely stretching the boundaries with this one and we are proud to share this unique native flavour! Commonly, gin is considered to be “predominantly juniper in flavour.”

700 mL bottle size. 40% ALC/VOL 22 standard drinks.

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