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Xotic Mixed Pack - 4 Bottles


We have come up with the XOTIC Comets Mixed Pack. This vodka-based sour contains edible jelly balls (Comets) that are infused with flavors of Strawberry, Bubblegum, Grape, and Tutti Frutti.

Country: South Africa
Style: Vodka Sour

1. Xotic Comets Strawberry 750ml

Xotic Comets are transparent Vodka-Based Premium bitter. Every bottle has glowing, edible jelly-like extraterrestrialbody balls, fun, and glows underneath ultraviolet light. Comets area unit made of an organic extract.
  • Alcohol Volume: 12%

2. Xotic Comets Bubble Gum 750ml

Here we've got a Bubblegum bitter from Xotic Comets over an African country. Within the alcoholic beverage, their square measures edible jelly balls (or comets) infused with bubblegum flavor! At 12% ABV, it's nicely sippable, however, a splash of ade would not go amiss either.
  • Alcohol Volume: 12%

3. Xotic Comets Tutti Frutti 750ml
Bursting with fruity flavors, this booze-based mostly wholly bitter contains edible jelly balls. “Jelly Balls” infused with flavors of Tutti Frutti.
  • Alcohol Volume: 12%
4. Xotic Comets Grape 750ml
Xotic Comets are clear Vodka-Based Premium bitter. every bottle has aglow, edible jelly-like extraterrestrial object balls, fun, and glow below ultraviolet light. Comets are made up of organic extract.
  • Alcohol Volume: 12%

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