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$1/Bottle Beer Mixed Pack - 15 Bottles

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1) Monteith's Phoenix IPA Bottle 330ml

The Phoenix IPA showcases a singular fusion of American Simco, Chinook, and Citra hops. A clean crisp malt base permits these hops to shine with an exciting aroma of pine and citrus. Notes of recent cut grass compliment delicate passionfruit flavors with barely any spice to spherical out the brew.
  • Alcohol Contain: 5.0% 
  • Expiry Date: 10/06/2021
2) Carlton Draught Bottle 375ml

Synonymous with the origins of the still itself, Carlton Draught is famous for tasting as recent because it did the day it had been brewed. And it's that sort of consistency in a style that is been vital to Australians for generations.
  • Alcohol Contain: 4.60% 
  • Expiry Date: 14/06/2021
3) Grolsch Premium Lager Bottle 330ml

Being a bit nontraditional within the production method, Peter Cuyper used two hops; a style hops associate degreed an aromatic hop to form the balanced style of Grolsch. Grolsch got an extended production amount than most alternative beers and uses simply four ingredients: hops, barley, yeast, and water to form the aromatic and full flavor of Grolsch.
  • Alcohol Contain: 5.0% 
  • Expiry Date: 08/07/2021
4) Coopers Dark Ale Bottle 375ml

A dark brew filled with promise. Coopers Dark beer could be a journey in style, beginning recent and creamy, and finishing with a lingering occasional flavor. Brewed with ancient fermentation then naturally conditioned, Coopers 'Dark' is created mistreatment cooked and chocolate malts, giving it a chic dark color and distinctive flavor.

  • Alcohol Contain: 4.50%
  • Expiry Date: 14/06/2021
5) 4 Pines Hefeweizen Bottle 330ml

The guys at 4 Pines production handcraft their beers on the long Sydney coast, near Manly. and additionally the life for beer! four Pines Hefeweizen offers little hop bitterness, with a dry creamy finish. German-born Weissbier with a cloudy pale, straw-like look, sweet nose of banana, and a surface of spice.

  • Alcohol Contain: 5.20% 
  • Expiry Date: 29/06/2021 
6) Yenda Pale Ale Bottle 330ml

Pale Ale is traditionally created with pale malt making it, you guessed it, paler in color. The term beer initially appeared at intervals in the 1700s and noted beers made from the lighter malt but still with full body and flavor and plenty of hops for bitterness. Yenda beer contains a tropical fruit and floral aroma from the hops, a full-bodied biscuity malt flavor, and a medium bitterness

  • Alcohol Contain: 4.50% 
  • Expiry Date: 23/06/2021
7) HAHN Super Dry Bottle 330ml

With solely a 3rd of the carbs of ordinary full-strength brewage, Otto Hahn Superdry is brewed exploitation premium ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. It's got a crisp, dry style and comes in handy stubbies for the final word refreshment.
  • Alcohol Contain: 4.6% 
  • Expiry Date: June 2021

8) Claro Tequila Beer Bottle 330ml

Claro virtually means that clear in Spanish. A summary and clear lager with full golden color and a natural crisp and sweet boost of spirits and edible fruit. straightforward to drink and refreshing, this brew packs a shocking spirits punch and includes a medium body of barley malt and hop with a sweet end with hints of edible fruit.

  • Alcohol Contain: 5.9% 
  • Expiry Date: March 2021

9) Mythos Hellenic Lager Bottle 330ml

Mythos includes a balanced, slightly sweet style comprising of fruity nuances and hops, nonetheless simply the proper quantity of bitterness. With an extended-lasting and clear aftersensation, it's refreshing thanks to getting pleasure from the best brew Ellas needs to provide.

  • Alcohol Contain: 4.70% 
  • Expiry Date: February 2021

10) Yenda Session Lager Bottle 330ml

A mid-strength Lager is a refreshing, thirst-quenching alternative to heavier, more challenging beers. You can enjoy them for their lower alcohol and their crisp fresh flavors. 

  • Alcohol Contain: 3.5% 
  • Expiry Date: November 2020

11) Mountain Goat Pale Ale Bottle 330ml

Mountain Goat ale could be a well-balanced and intensely drinkable American vogue ale. A well-crafted brewage with piney and fruit characters. Brewed with an associate degree all-US hop lineup, this ale is exploding with stonefruit, pine, and citrus characters, creating a manner for a clean, dry, and fruity roof of the mouth.
  • Alcohol Contain: 5.2% 
  • Expiry Date: January 2021

Awards: 1 Gold - Best New World-Style Pale Ale - Australian International Beer Awards 2017

12) O'Brien Premium Lager Bottle 330ml
O’Brien Lager 3.5 is the latest all-year-round gluten-free beer from the O’Brien team. It is a naturally brewed mid-strength gluten-free beer. A surprisingly full-bodied lager with great balanced bitterness and full malt and hop character.
  • Alcohol Contain: 4.50% 
  • Expiry Date: May 2021
13) O'Brien Brown Ale Bottle 330ml

Inspired by European dark ale, this gluten-free beer holds a distinctive deep copper hue and the perfect balance of caramel and spicy roasted flavors. With a fantastic dark ale maltiness reminiscent of European dark ales, this gluten-free beer is a great accompaniment to those warm and hearty winter food dishes.

  • Alcohol Contain: 4.50% 
  • Expiry Date: March 2021

Awards: Gold Medal AIBA 2021 Gold Medal AIBA 2016 Gold Indies 2019

14) NZ Pure Lager Bottle 330ml
NZ Pure may be a new category of premium lager created solely from New island malt, hops, water, and a specially elect yeast with no additives or preservatives. Trophy Winner at the 2012 New island brewage awards for best New island vogue lager. New island Pure Lager is brewed victimization 100% New island ingredients together with home-grown barley, hops, yeast, and water. 
  • Alcohol Contain: 4.7% 
  • Expiry Date: March 2021
15) Tiger Crystal Lager Bottle 330ml
The brewage is brewed employing a distinctive Crystal Cold Filtration production method, that filters it at a crystal cold temperature below zero degrees protection altogether its most fascinating and purest flavors and aromas and given in an exceedingly crystal clear bottle.
  • Alcohol Contain: 4.5% 
  • Expiry Date: March 2021