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Absolut Vodka 700ml

ABSOLUT vodka is one every of the foremost well-known vodkas within the world. ABSOLUT vodka was initially launched in NY in 1979. It presently became the talk about the city, the North American country, and eventually of the globe. However, the direction behind the pure and natural style of ABSOLUT is truly older than thirty years. thus is that the 18th-century drugs flask found in an associate degree antique store in the national capital gave inspiration to the long-lasting ABSOLUT vodka bottle. ABSOLUT booze is created solely from natural ingredients, and in contrast to alternative vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. In fact, ABSOLUT is as pure as vodka will be. Still, that purity encompasses a sure taste: wealthy, rich, and sophisticated, however sleek and mellow with a definite character of grain, followed by a touch of edible fruit.
Style | Vodka Size | 700ml
Country | Sweden Standard Drinks | 22
Case Size | 1 Bottle Brand Name | Absolut
Alcohol Contain | 40%
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