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Frenchies Brewery La Boussole Sour Red Ale Bottle 750ml

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Barrel-aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing Shiraz from the Bird in Hand still within the Adelaide Hills, this red ale has initial been hard clean in stainless steel with a combination of 2 yeast strains. At the top of fermentation 0.5 has been transferred into barrels while the other half has been cool crashed and decanted before being transferred to barrels. Once in barrels, it's aged with Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus, and Brettanomyces. once extracting enough oak character, blended to reach the perfect to achieve the right balance. it's swish and spherical with clear confit cherries character, cooked malt, oaky vanilla, and funk. its value whirling and oxidating within the glass to unleash its full presence.

Style | Ale Size | 750ml
Country | Australia Standard Drinks | 4.5