We've pulled together a mix of craft beers that are available in a 330ml-375ml format specially for craft beer lovers. It includes :

1. WAYWARD IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : Wayward's American West Coast IPA offers a big flavour but is also balanced enough to drink all day

2. BALTER IPA 375ML - 1 CAN Crack open the window to a tastebud paradise of blue skies and salty sea breezes, where the word drinkableness exists. Yes. Say it out loud. Drinkableness. Balter Lager greets you with a casual citrus wave, subtle spicy grin, and gentle malt hug. A happy place for your mouth. Full of drinkableness.

3. BENTSPOKE CRANKSHAFT IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : BentSpoke Crankshaft IPA is similar to a West Coast IPA with a floral nose with notes of citrus and pine. Medium bodied with a nice punch of hops and a solid malt finish. A great beer for lovers of big full flavoured brews.

4. COLONIAL AUSTRALIAN IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : So what's an Australian IPA? It's a full bodied IPA tailor-made for Australia. Starting with 100 percent Australian hops, picked to deliver a gentle rush of tropical fruit and subtle pine notes, hinting at sunshine and surf and the salt-sweet scent of summer

5. HAWKERS IPA CAN 375ML - 1 CAN : This bold IPA has a refreshing bitterness and great malt body. The hops shine through with big tropical and dank notes. Our IPA is a well-balanced yet aggressive beer. 

6. FIXATION OBSESSION IPA 375ML  - 1 CAN : Beautiful Pale & Munich malts provide a nice golden base from which the dominant piney and fruity aromas just sing in this session IPA! Obsession is the perfect balance of flavour, and drinkability. 

7. COLONIAL HAZY IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : Created in the Borough, this Port Melbourne Hazy IPA is light in colour and brewed with wheat and oats which lend haze proteins and a luscious mouthful.

8. STOCKADE 8 BIT IPA 375ML  - 1 CAN : 8BiT has aggressive aromas and caramel malt flavours. The big bitterness delivered with a high hop flavour is balanced by a sweet malt character.

9. CAPITAL ROCK HOPPER IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : Big and juicy, this West Coast IPA was brewed to celebrate the journey to favourite remote places.

10. SIX STRING IPA DRK RED 375ML  - 1 CAN : Loosely based on the West Coast American style Red Ale, this IPA is dangerously flavourful holding it's 6% ABV well

11. TWO BAYS IPA GLUTEN FREE 375ML - 1 CAN : This Pale Ale is an easy-drinking American hopped beer with subtle, but beautiful citrus aromas. 

12. BATCH WEST COAST IPA 375ML - 1 CAN : Light in colour and dry on the palate, this satisfying pale ale boasts a fruity base that's big in flavour, with a lively layer of hoppy character

ABV-4.1 to 6%


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