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We've pulled together a mixture of craft beers that are available in a 330ml-375ml format specially for mixed beer lovers. It includes :

1. MISMATCH CHOC STOUT 375ML- 1 CAN: This limited edition is one of our favourite styles, Choc Oatmeal Stout, because of the creamy velvet texture and the chocolate and coffee characters from the roast malt - this beer nails both of those qualities.

2.  MISMATCH LAGER 330ML - 3 CANS: In today’s fast-paced world, the art of patience has been lost. the key to a great lager is time, and Mismatch's method of step mashing and prolonged lagering produces a beer that is gracefully smooth and refined.

3. MISMATCH PALE ALE 375ML- 2 CANS: A beer made for its sessionability, this filtered pale ale has been brewed to a drier style, with lower residual sugar to keep it bright, fresh and seriously quaffable. Rikau hops (NZ) were selected for the dual purpose of bittering and contributing punchy aromatics and flavour, adding flavours of stonefruit, peach and citrus to the palate. the addition of Mosaic hops (US) and the relatively unknown Blanc (GER) further lifts the aromatics with elements of fruit, floral, spice and earthiness.

4. MISMATCH SESSION ALE 375ML - 3 CANS: Bright yellow with a slight yeast cloud, a nice malt character and a crisp white head that laces the glass perfectly as you take each sip. Lush tropical fruit nose, passion fruit, and a light grapefruit undertone. easy-drinking, lightly hopped with a light flora and grapefruit mouth, grainy malts, finishing dry and very clean.

5.MISMATCH MANDARIN BERLINER WEISSE 375ML - 1 CAN: Light, dry & refreshing Our Berliner Weisse displays lingering notes of delicious fresh mandarins. it is light hay in colour finishing with a crisp white head.

6. MISMATCH STRAWBERRY BERLINER WEISSE 375ML - 2 CANS: Visually, expect a light hay colour with a slight shade of pink. The aroma is a mix of subtle fresh field strawberry's, wheat and light funk. Overall this beer is light, refreshing and Moorish.

ABV - 3 -4.5 %

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