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We've pulled together a mixed of popular craft beers that are available in 330ml-375ml cans specially for craft beer lovers. It includes :

1. Moon Dog Lager 330ml - 2 Cans : Moon Dog Lager is a super crisp and refreshing Australian style lager. It's got a light malt body with a soft aroma of Aussie hops and a clean finish!

2. Capital Brewing Xpa 375ml - 1 Can : Inspired by days hiking trails around the capital. This fresh, juicy & sessionable pale ale has floral notes of pine & citrus, with a smooth hop bitterness, a well balanced malt profile & refreshing finish.

3. Stone&Wood Jasper Ale 375ml - 1 Can : Inspired by the one street town called Federal, that is perched up in the hills, the land around this area of our backyard (once known as Jasper) is rich in volcanic soil that in some parts are the colour of the label and the beer.

4. Stone&Wood Pacific Ale 375m - 1 Can :Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

5. Pirate Life T/Back Ipa 355ml - 1 Can :Pirate Life's Throwback has been created in an easy drinking style with a lower alcohol than most India Pale Ales .

6. Stockade Flight Path Can 375ml -1 Can : This new Stockade flight pale ale is a full flavoured, medium bodied pale ale showcasing the best hops from Australia & New Zealand. Fresh tropical fruit notes sit on top of a biscuit and aromatic malt backdrop.

7. Stockade Splicer Xpa Can 375ml -1 Can: Grapefruit, zest, subtle hops. WHAM! You've got yourself the XPA Splicer.

8. Colonial Draught Ale 375ml - 1 Can: It's draught, but not as you know it. Made using the same small-batch, artisan techniques as the rest of their range, and brewed to deliver a clean, crisp ale that's refreshingly uncomplicated, Colonial Draught is beer at its easy-drinking best.

9. Colonial Small Ale 375ml - 1 Can: Meet Colonial Small Ale, brewed to be lower in alcohol, not impact, or flavour.  

10. Bloke In A Bar Lager 375ml - 2 Cans: Bloke In A Bar beer is a crisp lager with mild hops. A session beer to be enjoyed over a bit of banter with your mates. Made only from the finest natural ingredients, containing no artificial flavours.

11. Mtn Goat Steam Ale  375ml - 2 Cans: Appearance: Pale, almost yellow, with slight yeast cloudiness. Aroma: Fruity and tropical. Flavour: Crisp and clean. A solid dose of wheat malt makes for a dry finish.

12. Vale Ale IPA 375ml - 2 Cans: Very hop forward showing strong pine and citrus notes, with stone fruit and passionfruit characters. The malt structure is beautifully matched with the dry hopping, giving this beer a refined balance. 

Note: The particular product may vary from the pictures and colors shown on the website.  Specification & pictures provided for every product relies on the knowledge provided to us by our suppliers and are to be used as a general guide only.

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