We've pulled together a mixture of full-strength beers that are available in a 330ml-375ml format specially for beer lovers. It includes :

1. MOO BREW PALE ALE 375ML - 2 CANS: This Moo Brew Pale Ale is a lavish amalgam of global pale ale styles and gives a pungent floral and citrus aroma with a complex malt palate, finishing dry with a pleasant late bitterness.

2. MOON DOG LAGER 330ML -2 CANSMoon Dog Lager is a super crisp and refreshing Australian style lager. This refreshing Craft Lager has got a big smack of citrusy, tropical hops and a clean finish.

3. MOON DOG OLD MATE PALE 330ML - 2 CANS:  This beer is brewed using unique specialty malt that gives the distinct biscuit character, which balances against the big American hop flavours. Dry hopping is done prior to cooling, to ensure that only the best fruit characters of the Americans hops are integrated into the beer appearance.

4. MORNINGTON BROWN ALE 330ML - 2 CANS: Mornington Brewery Brown is an English-style Brown Ale, Brewed using classic imported English malts. It displays all the wonderful, rich and toffee characters associated with these malts. Deep golden brown with hints of red, aromas of toffee, brown sugar and raisins greet the nose. The palate offers more toffee and raisins, with a supporting cast of chocolate and nuts. Rich, full-bodied, smooth and moreish.

5. MORNINGTON DRAUGHT 375ML - 2 CANS: Mornington Draught uses premium Australian salts to deliver a distinctly pure lager with a refreshingly full-bodied flavour and an unmatchable clean crisp finish. Perfect for the Australian lifestyle and sharing with mates, this beer is truly drinkable gold.

6. MISMATCH LAGER 330ML - 2 CANS:  In today’s fast-paced world, the art of patience has been lost. the key to a great lager is time, and Mismatch's method of step mashing and prolonged lagering produces a beer that is gracefully smooth and refined.

7. MISMATCH PALE ALE 375ML - 2 CANS: A beer made for its sessionability, this filtered pale ale has been brewed to a drier style, with lower residual sugar to keep it bright, fresh and seriously quaffable. Rikau hops (NZ) were selected for the dual purpose of bittering and contributing punchy aromatics and flavour, adding flavours of stonefruit, peach and citrus to the palate. the addition of Mosaic hops (US) and the relatively unknown Blanc (GER) further lifts the aromatics with elements of fruit, floral, spice and earthiness.

8. MOO BREW DARK ALE 375ML  - 2 CANS:   Dark Ale, is lightly hopped with American Simcoe, Centennial & Cascade hops and uses the darker end of the spectrum of crystal malts, making for a nicely roasted dark beer that's surprisingly good for a session.

ABV- 4 to 6%

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