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Triple Swaf Blonde Beer Bottles 330ml - Pack of 24

Triple Swaf, maybe a blonde brewage that has re-fermented within the bottle. it's supported a formula that's 100% original. On tasting this triple you'll be affected by its 8% ABV with zesty aromas of coriander, followed by a refined bitterness that however makes its presence felt. All this comes with a full-mouthed style and a stunning lingering end. An exceptional brewage should have an exceptional glass so we tend to opt for a prestigious glass on a tall stem. Style this brewage and you're won over immediately.
Alcohol : 8.0%Note: The particular product may vary from the pictures and colors shown on the website.  Specification & pictures provided for every product relies on the knowledge provided to us by our suppliers and are to be used as a general guide only.
 Bottle Size  | 330ml Case Size | 24 Bottle


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