Koyomi Shochu Vodka 700ml

Koyomi Shochu Vodka 700ml

Noosa Heads Fortune Vodka 700ml

Noosa Heads Vodka 700ml

Chopin Potato Vodka 700ml

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The brand has been in existence since 1992, made exclusively from Stobrawa potatoes, mainly sourced locally to achieve maximum freshness. Four distillations of vodka are performed according to a six hundred year old tradition. There's an earthy and creamy taste to it that hints at green apple and vanilla. There's a full-bodied flavour with a clean, long finish without burning on the palate. Whether you take it neat or in martinis and cocktails, it has a flavour profile that makes it a great standalone vodka.


Barcode 6620367552572 Country Poland Brand Chopin Alcohol Contains 40% Case Size 1 Bottle Bottle Size 700ml Diameter 1111 Dimension 10*10 Standard Drinks 22 Style Vodka


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